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Luc Besson

Data di nascita: 18. Marzo 1959


Luc Besson è un produttore cinematografico, sceneggiatore, regista e scrittore francese.

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„This film is extremely visual. It is difficult to describe in words without running the risk of losing or boring the reader.
I have come up with a simplified summary, therefore, like a readers guide, which will conjure up the images in as few words as possible :
— the beginning is Leon: The Professional
— the middle is Inception
— the end is 2001: A Space Odyssey
Don't interpret this as pretension on my part, merely a visual, emotional and philosophical point of reference.“

— Luc Besson
"NOTA", for his film Lucy, as quoted in [ "Luc Besson's Statement Of Intent For 'Lucy' Compares The Film To '2001,' 'Inception' & 'Leon The Professional'" by Kevin Jagernauth, in Indiewire (28 July 2014)]

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