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Paul Richard Halmos

Data di nascita: 3. Marzo 1916
Data di morte: 2. Ottobre 2006


Paul Richard Halmos è stato un matematico e statistico ungherese.

Frasi Paul Richard Halmos

„What does it take to be [a mathematician]?“

— Paul R. Halmos
Context: What does it take to be [a mathematician]? I think I know the answer: you have to be born right, you must continually strive to become perfect, you must love mathematics more than anything else, you must work at it hard and without stop, and you must never give up.

„Possibly philosophers would look on us mathematicians the same way as we look on the technicians, if they dared.“

— Paul R. Halmos
Context: Mathematics is not a deductive science — that's a cliché. When you try to prove a theorem, you don't just list the hypotheses, and then start to reason. What you do is trial and error, experimentation, guesswork. You want to find out what the facts are, and what you do is in that respect similar to what a laboratory technician does. Possibly philosophers would look on us mathematicians the same way as we look on the technicians, if they dared.


„The author discusses valueless measures in pointless spaces.“

— Paul R. Halmos
Proposal for a humorous first sentence to a review of a mathematical paper, rejected by editors. <!-- p. 120 -->

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