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Viktor Orbán

Data di nascita: 31. Maggio 1963


Viktor Mihály Orbán è un politico ungherese.

È il Primo ministro dell'Ungheria dal 2010. Lo è stato precedentemente tra il 1998 e il 2002. È leader del partito Fidesz-Unione civica ungherese.

Frasi Viktor Orbán


„By 2050 Egypt’s population will increase from 90 million to 138 million. The population of Nigeria will increase from 186 million to 390 million. Uganda’s population will rise from 38 million to 93 million, and Ethiopia’s from 102 to 228 million. It is János Martonyi who usually warns us – and how right he is – that projecting current trends into the future requires caution, because in history there are always events which can change their course. But as we cannot prepare for unforeseeable events in the future, common sense tells us that we must project these figures into the future, and we must prepare for them. They clearly show that the real pressure on our continent will come from Africa. Today we are talking about Syria, today we are talking about Libya; but in fact we must prepare for the population pressure coming from the region beyond Libya – and its magnitude will be far greater than anything we have experienced so far. This warns us that we must be steely in our determination. Border protection – particularly when we need to build a fence and detain people – is something which is difficult to justify in aesthetic terms, but believe me, you cannot protect the borders – and thus ourselves – with flowers and cuddly toys. We must face this fact.“

— Viktor Orbán
[ Tusnádfürdő speech], 26 July 2016

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