Frasi David Cameron


„We just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else, we didn’t realise they hated each other so much.“

—  David Cameron
2010s, 2015, Unguarded comment in Leeds while discussing rival devolution bids — "Cameron caught on camera making 'people in Yorkshire hate each other' jibe" Press Association, The Guardian (11 September 2015)

„Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.“

—  David Cameron
2010s, 2010, Speech (27 July 2010), as quoted in The Guardian

„Too many twits make a twat.“

—  David Cameron
2000s, 2009, Expressing his views on Twitter during an interview on Absolute radio (29 July 2009), David Cameron says sorry for 'twat' comment during radio interview

„Lots of people call me Dave, my mum calls me David, my wife calls me Dave, I don't really notice what people call me.“

—  David Cameron
2000s, 2006, Interview with Richard Bacon on XFM, 28 September 2006), as quoted in "Labour in shambles over leadership, says Cameron" in Western Mail (29 September 2006), p. 4.

„I believe that Britain will be safer, stronger and better off by remaining in a reformed European Union“

—  David Cameron
2010s, 2016, Quoted on Yle.Fi (February 20, 2016), "Finland responds positively to Britain's EU deal"

„There is such a thing as society. It's just not the same thing as the state.“

—  David Cameron
2000s, 2005, Speech after winning the Conservative Party leadership contest (6 December 2005)

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