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Günter Nooke

Data di nascita: 21. Gennaio 1959


Günter Nooke è politico tedesco.

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„It was not a vote for Hohmann or against Merkel - it was a vote for an open society.“

— Günter Nooke
BBC (UK Version), November 14, 2003: "CDU red-faced over 'anti-Semitism' row" During the Hohmann crisis - voting for the expulsion, but saying the No votes represented a kick-back against "political correctness"

„If we're going to have Kati Witt and 'The G. D. R. Show,' why not have a Nazi-era celebrity introducing 'The Third Reich Show'?“

— Günter Nooke
New York Times, October 1, 2003: "Artifacts of Überkitsch Evoke Old East Germany; High and Low Culture Offer Powerful Reminders" To German journalists, on so-called Ostalgie revival television shows


„She showed the direction, and the party followed her. It was decisive that Merkel appeared human and credible, thereby winning over the trust of the party members.“

— Günter Nooke
The Christian Science Monitor, April 10, 2000: "Embattled German conservatives try 'girl' power" On the fact, that Merkel was the first to break with Helmut Kohl publicly.

„Translation: You did not experience dictatorship, Mrs Roth! If everyone agrees - it does not mean, that everyone is right!“

— Günter Nooke
In response to Claudia Roth, plenary session of German Parliament (Bundestag), June 17, 2004, on Controversial Memorial Concept remembering the victims of the 20th century's two totalitarian regimes

„An interim candidate would not make a radical change.“

— Günter Nooke
International Herald Tribune, March 7, 2000: "2 Kohl Party Contenders Have Strong Ties to Ex-Communist Region : German Politics Opens Up to the East" On Angela Merkel's chance for Chancellorship

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