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Lloyd Alexander

Data di nascita: 30. Gennaio 1924
Data di morte: 17. Maggio 2007

Lloyd Alexander è stato uno scrittore statunitense.

Ha pubblicato più di quaranta libri, soprattutto romanzi fantasy per bambini e adolescenti oltre a numerosi volumi per adulti. Il suo più famoso contributo nel campo della letteratura per ragazzi è la serie Le cronache di Prydain. I primi due libri in questa serie hanno costituito la base del film di animazione della Disney Taron e la pentola magica.

Il volume conclusivo della serie The High King ha vinto la The John Newbery Medal nel 1969. Altri suoi libri hanno ottenuto il National Book Award e l'American Book Award. Gli è stato inoltre tributato il premio alla carriera World Fantasy Life Achievement 2003.

„Due gatti possono vivere con il poco che basta a uno, e il loro proprietario ha il doppio del divertimento.“

„Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.“

„Child, child, do you not see? For each of us comes a time when we must be more than what we are.“ The Black Cauldron

„Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.“

„We don't need to have just one favorite. We keep adding favorites. Our favorite book is always the book that speaks most directly to us at a particular stage in our lives. And our lives change. We have other favorites that give us what we most need at that particular time. But we never lose the old favorites. They're always with us. We just sort of accumulate them.“

„Most of us are called on to perform tasks far beyond what we can do. Our capabilities seldom match our aspirations, and we are often woefully unprepared. To this extent, we are all Assistant Pig-Keepers at heart.“ The Book of Three

„Neither refuse to give help when it is needed,... nor refuse to accept it when it is offered.“ The Book of Three

„Books can truly change our lives: the lives of those who read them, the lives of those who write them. Readers and writers alike discover things they never knew about the world and about themselves.“ Time Cat

„In some cases we learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.“ The Book of Three

„Long ago I yearned to be a hero without knowing, in truth, what a hero was. Now, perhaps, I understand it a little better. A grower of turnips or a shaper of clay, a Commot farmer or a king--every man is a hero if he strives more for others than for himself alone.
Once you told me that the seeking counts more than the finding. So, too, must the striving count more than the gain.“
The High King

„The journey is the treasure.“ The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio

„Indeed, the more we find to love, the more we add to the measure of our hearts.“ The Black Cauldron

„All that writers can do is keep trying to say what is deepest in their hearts.“

„Thinking is a bit uncomfortable, but you'll get used to it. A matter of time and practice.“ The Iron Ring

„Is there worse evil than that which goes in the mask of good?“ The High King

„You must know nothing before you can learn something, and be empty before you can be filled. Is not the emptiness of the bowl what makes it useful? As for laws, a parrot can repeat them word for word. Their spirit is something else again. As for governing, one must first be lowest before being highest.“ The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

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