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Lu Xun

Data di nascita: 25. Settembre 1881
Data di morte: 19. Ottobre 1936


Lu Xun, o Lu Hsun in Wade-Giles, 鲁迅 in cinese moderno e in pinyin Lŭ Xùn , è stato uno scrittore cinese.

È considerato il fondatore della lingua cinese moderna.

Frasi Lu Xun


„Translation: Chinese medicine lies, whether purposefully or not.“

— Lu Xun
Source: From the preface of his work Na Han (Call to Arms) (1922)

„Translation: For all of ignorant people of a nation, even if their body is somehow strong, somehow grand, even then they can only make meaningless displays [of this "strength"]. [As for] the multitude of constituents and observers, however many may die from [this] sickness, this is [still] not to be considered as unfortunate.“

— Lu Xun
Source: From the preface of his work Na Han (Call to Arms) (1922) Note: Lu Xun studied medicine before he became a writer. Once he saw on a film a Chinese being executed by Japanese while many other Chinese were watching this "spectacular event". This made him feel that saving the "souls" of people is more important than saving their bodies.


„Translation: Save the children...“

— Lu Xun
Source: Kuang Ren Ri Ji (Diary of a Madman), thirteenth entry

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