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Ernest Bevin

Data di nascita: 9. Marzo 1881
Data di morte: 14. Aprile 1951


Ernest Bevin è stato un politico britannico. Fu membro del Partito Laburista e ministro del Lavoro durante il governo di Winston Churchill ed in seguito ministro degli Esteri con Clement Attlee .

Frasi Ernest Bevin

„It is placing the Executive and the Movement in an absolutely wrong position to be taking your conscience round from body to body asking to be told what you ought to do with it.“

— Ernest Bevin
Labour Party Annual Conference Report 1935, p. 178. Speech to the Labour Party conference, 1 October 1935, criticising George Lansbury. Lansbury, a pacifist, was publicly agonising about the need to confront fascist Italy over Abyssinia; Bevin's speech convinced the conference to back sanctions, and when the vote went against him, Lansbury resigned as Leader of the Labour Party.

„The most conservative man in the world is the British Trade Unionist when you want to change him.“

— Ernest Bevin
Report of the Proceedings of the Trade Union Congress, 1927 Speech to the TUC General Council, 8 September 1927.


„They say Gladstone was at the Treasury from 1860 to 1930. I'm going to be Minister of Labour from 1940 to 1990.“

— Ernest Bevin
Remark after being appointed Minister of Labour (c. 13 May 1940), quoted in Francis Williams, Ernest Bevin (London: Hutchinson, 1952), p. 217.

„My policy is to be able to take a ticket at Victoria station and go anywhere I damn well please!“

— Ernest Bevin
Attributed to Bevin in the Spectator, 20 April 1951. Bevin's definition of his foreign policy. Variously quoted as "to be able to buy a ticket at Victoria Station to anywhere I damn please!".


„We need 720,000 men continuously employed in this industry. This is where you boys come in. Our fighting men will not be able to achieve their purpose unless we get an adequate supply of coal.“

— Ernest Bevin
[ Hansard HC 6ser vol 449 col 841] Speech to recruiting meeting, December 1943. Bevin had introduced a system whereby some men conscripted for National Service would be transferred to working in coal-mining; because of this speech, they were known as 'Bevin boys'.

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