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Jair Bolsonaro

Data di nascita: 21. Marzo 1955


Jair Messias Bolsonaro è un politico brasiliano, eletto presidente del Brasile il 28 ottobre 2018.

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„With us [in office], there will be no such human rights politicking. These bandits will die, because we will not send resources from the government to them. Instead of peace, these NGOs do a disservice to our Brazil.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
At an event in Araçatuba on 23 August 2018. [ Bolsonaro diz que se eleito 'bandidagem vai morrer' porque União não repassará recursos para direitos humanos]. G1 (23 August 2018).

„Has anyone ever seen any Japanese begging? It's a race that has self-respect.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
Talk at Clube Hebraica in Rio de Janeiro, on 3 April 2017. [ Bolsonaro: “Quilombola não serve nem para procriar”]. Congresso em Foco (5 April 2017).


„I will not fight against it nor discriminate, but if I see two men kissing on the street, I'll beat them up.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
[ Apoio de FHC à união gay causa protestos]. Folha de S.Paulo (19 May 2002).

„Competence? It's a problem for each deputy. If I want to hire a prostitute for my office, I'll hire her. If I want to hire my mother, I'll hire her. It'll be my problem.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
About the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution that would ban nepotism in public sectors. [ Câmara discute nesta terça projeto que proíbe nepotismo nos três Poderes]. Gazeta do Povo (5 March 2007).

„I would not rape you. You don’t merit that. Stay here to hear this!“

— Jair Bolsonaro
To federal deputy Maria do Rosário at the Chamber of Deputies on 9 December 2014. [ The Most Misogynistic, Hateful Elected Official in the Democacratic World: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro]. The Intercept (11 December 2014).

„I can't even go to Paraguay with my salary.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
At the program Câmera Aberta at Band on 23 May 1999. [ O dia que Bolsonaro quis matar FHC, sonegar impostos e declarar guerra civil]. Gazeta do Povo (10 October 2017).


„What debt [of slavery]? I never enslaved anyone in my life. Look, if you really look at history, the Portuguese didn’t even step foot in Africa. The blacks themselves turned over the slaves.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
[ In an interview on TV Cultura] on 30 July 2018. [ Bolsonaro Says Black Brazilians Aren’t Owed Anything Over Slavery]. Bloomberg (31 July 2018).

„I have five children. There were four men, on the fifth I got weak and a woman came out.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
Talk at Clube Hebraica in Rio de Janeiro, on 3 April 2017. [ Bolsonaro: “Quilombola não serve nem para procriar”]. Congresso em Foco (5 April 2017).

„Preta, I’m not going to discuss promiscuity with anyone. I don't run that risk because my children are well educated and they don't live in a promiscuous environment such as is, unfortunately, yours.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
Responding to the singer Preta Gil after asked about what he would do if his son fell in love with a black woman on [ 28 March 2011] at an interview to the program CQC on Band. [ Brazil presidential candidate Bolsonaro's most controversial quotes]. Yahoo!, 29 September 2018.


„I wouldn't hire them [women] with the same salary. But there are many women who are competent.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
About equal pay for women. [ Bolsonaro diz que não pagaria a mulheres o mesmo salário dos homens]. RedeTV! (15 February 2016).

„We're going to put an end to all the activisms of Brazil.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
On 7 October 2018. [ Organizações repudiam fala de Bolsonaro contra ativismos]. Valor (12 October 2018).

„She doesn't deserve it [to be raped] because she's very bad, because she's very ugly. She's not my type, I'd never rape her. I'm not a rapist, but if I was, I wouldn't rape her because she doesn't deserve it.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
In an [ interview with Zero Hora newspaper] on 10 December 2014, about federal deputy Maria do Rosário. [ Brazil presidential candidate Bolsonaro's most controversial quotes]. Yahoo!, 29 September 2018.

„These red outlaws will be banished from our homeland. It will be a cleanup the likes of which has never been seen in Brazilian history.“

— Jair Bolsonaro
On 22 October 2018, about the political opponents. [ Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro threatens purge of leftwing 'outlaws']. The Guardian (22 October 2018).

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