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Irving Kristol

Data di nascita: 22. Gennaio 1920
Data di morte: 18. Settembre 2009


Irving Kristol era giornalista, attivista (padre del neoconservatorismo).

Frasi Irving Kristol


„There is nothing like a parade to elicit the proper respect for the military from the populace.“

— Irving Kristol
Quoted in Wilford, H: The New York Intellectuals: From Vanguard to Institution, Manchester University Press, 1995.

„It was a new kind of class war — the people as citizens versus the politicians and their clients in the public sector.“

— Irving Kristol
The Question of Liberty in America About California's 1978 Proposition 13 which limits tax increases without public approval


„A welfare state, properly conceived, can be an integral part of a conservative society.“

— Irving Kristol
Reflections of a Neoconservative: Looking Back, Looking Ahead (1983).

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