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Ramsay MacDonald

Data di nascita: 12. Ottobre 1866
Data di morte: 9. Novembre 1937


James Ramsay MacDonald è stato un politico britannico.

Membro dapprima del Partito Laburista Indipendente, nel 1906 fu tra i fondatori del Partito Laburista inglese, del quale divenne leader nel 1911. Fu Primo ministro del Regno Unito in tre governi. Dal 22 gennaio al 4 novembre 1924 guidò un governo interamente laburista , dal 5 giugno 1929 al 24 agosto 1931 fu di nuovo a capo di un esecutivo laburista, mentre da questa data fino al 7 giugno 1935 fu a capo di una coalizione di unità nazionale.

Frasi Ramsay MacDonald

„Might and spirit will win and incalculable political and social consequences will follow upon victory. Victory must therefore be ours. England is not played out. Her mission is not accomplished. She can, if she would, take the place of esteemed honour among the democracies of the world, and if peace is to come with healing on her wings the democracies of Europe must be her guardians... History, will, in due time, apportion the praise and the blame, but the young men of the country must, for the moment, settle the immediate issue of victory. Let them do it in the spirit of the brave men who have crowned our country with honour in times that have gone. Whoever may be in the wrong, men so inspired will be in the right. The quarrel was not of the people, but the end of it will be the lives and liberties of the people. Should an opportunity arise to enable me to appeal to the pure love of country - which I know is a precious sentiment in all our hearts, keeping it clear of thought which I believe to be alien to real patriotism - I shall gladly take that opportunity. If need be I shall make it for myself. I wish the serious men of the Trade Union, the Brotherhood and similar movements to face their duty. To such it is enough to say 'England has need of you'; to say it in the right way. They will gather to her aid. They will protect her when the war is over, they will see to it that the policies and conditions that make it will go like the mists of a plague and shadows of a pestilence.“

— Ramsay MacDonald
Letter to the Mayor of Leicester, declining to speak at a recruitment meeting (September 1914), quoted in David Marquand, Ramsay MacDonald (Metro, 1997), p. 175.


„Of the Budget as a whole, I say "Bravo". I am going to support it through thick and thin.“

— Ramsay MacDonald
On Lloyd George's People's Budget, quoted in 'From Green Benches', Leicester Pioneer (8 May 1909).

„Felt the virtues of the Victorian times so condemned by Mr Strachey. The simple honesties can always be made a butt by the impish unrealiabilites.“

— Ramsay MacDonald
Diary entry (23 April 1921), quoted in David Marquand, Ramsay MacDonald (Metro, 1997), p. 246. MacDonald was reading Strachey's biography of Queen Victoria. He finished the book two days later and wrote in his diary that he was relieved that Strachey "enmeshed in Victoria's virtues & the real drama of her last phase. As a good Victorian I shd. like to let myself loose upon him. A psychological study of unusual interest" (Marquand, p. 246).


„The desolation of loneliness is terrible. Was I wise? Perhaps not, but it seemed as though anything else was impossible.“

— Ramsay MacDonald
Notebook entry (27 December 1932) on his estrangement from the Labour Party, quoted in David Marquand, ‘[, MacDonald, (James) Ramsay (1866–1937)]’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, Oct 2009.

„Yes, to-morrow every Duchess in London will be wanting to kiss me!“

— Ramsay MacDonald
MacDonald to Philip Snowden the day after the formation of the National government (25 August 1931), quoted in Philip Snowden, An Autobiography. Volume Two: 1919-1934 (London: Ivor Nicholson and Watson, 1934), p. 987.


„In youth one believes in democracy, later on, one has to accept it.“

— Ramsay MacDonald
Diary entry (20 March 1919), quoted in David Marquand, ‘[, MacDonald, (James) Ramsay (1866–1937)]’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, Oct 2009.

„If we yield now to the TUC we shall never be able to call our bodies or souls or intelligences our own.“

— Ramsay MacDonald
Diary entry (22 Augusut 1931) after the TUC rejected cuts in public spending, quoted in David Marquand, ‘[, MacDonald, (James) Ramsay (1866–1937)]’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, Oct 2009.

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