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Bell Hooks

Data di nascita: 25. Settembre 1952
Altri nomi:بيل هوكس,벨 훅스, 貝爾‧胡克斯


bell hooks, pseudonimo di Gloria Jean Watkins, insegnante universitaria, femminista, scrittrice statunitense.

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„Class struggle is inextricably bound to the struggle to end racism.“

— Bell Hooks
Context: Friedan was a principal shaper of contemporary feminist thought. Significantly, the one-dimensional perspective on women's reality presented in her book became a marked feature of the contemporary feminist movement. Like Friedan before them, white women who dominate feminist discourse today rarely question whether or not their perspective on women's reality is true to the lived experiences of women as a collective group. Nor are they aware of the extent to which their perspectives reflect race and class biases, although there has been a greater awareness of biases in recent years. of white supremacy; it is only by analyzing racism and its function in capitalist society that a thorough understanding of class relationships can emerge. Class struggle is inextricably bound to the struggle to end racism. [ p. 3].

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