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Ervin László

Data di nascita: 12. Giugno 1932


Ervin László è un filosofo e pianista ungherese.

Esperto di filosofia della scienza è considerato il fondatore della teoria dei sistemi.

Ha pubblicato circa 75 libri tradotti in 19 lingue e oltre 400 pubblicazioni scientifiche. È stato candidato due volte al premio Nobel per la pace, nel 2001 ha ricevuto il Goi Award e nel 2005 il Mandir of Peace Prize.

László ha sposato Carita Jägerhorn af Spurila il 16 novembre 1956 con la quale ha avuto due figli.

Frasi Ervin László


„The description of the evolutionary trajectory of as irreversible, periodically chaotic, and strongly nonlinear fits certain features of the historical development of human societies. But the description of evolutionary processes, whether in nature or in history, has additional elements. These elements include such factors as the convergence of existing systems on progressively higher organizational levels, the increasingly efficient exploitation by systems of the sources of free energy in their environment, and the complexification of systems structure in states progressively further removed from thermodynamic equilibrium.
General evolution theory, based on the integration of the relevant tenets of general system theory, cybernetics, information and communication theory, chaos theory, dynamical systems theory, and nonequilibrium thermodynamics, can convey a sound understanding of the laws and dynamics that govern the evolution of complex systems in the various realms of investigation.... The basic notions of this new discipline can be developed to give an adequate account of the dynamical evolution of human societies as well. Such an account could furnish the basis of a system of knowledge better able to orient human beings and societies in their rapidly changing milieu.“

— Ervin László
E. Laszlo et al. (1993) pp. xvii- xix; as cited in: Alexander Laszlo and Stanley Krippner (1992) "[ Systems Theories: Their Origins, Foundations, and Development]" In: J.S. Jordan (Ed.), Systems Theories and A Priori Aspects of Perception. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science, 1998. Ch. 3, pp. 47-74.


„[ Technology is] the instrumentality for accessing and using free energies in human societies for human and social purposes.“

— Ervin László
Laszlo (1992) "Information Technology and Social Change: An Evolutionary Systems Analysis". Behavioral Science 37: pp.237-249; As cited in: K.L. Dennis (2003, p. 36).

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