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Giorgio V del Regno Unito

Data di nascita: 3. Giugno 1865
Data di morte: 20. Gennaio 1936


Giorgio V, nome completo George Frederick Ernest Albert , è stato re di Gran Bretagna, d'Irlanda e dei Dominion britannici d'oltremare, nonché Imperatore d'India. Regnò dal 6 maggio 1910, morte del padre, fino al 20 gennaio 1936, giorno della sua morte. Fu inoltre un noto appassionato di filatelia e contribuì proficuamente alla Collezione Filatelica Reale.

Frasi Giorgio V del Regno Unito

„It's the shortest one I know.“

— George V of the United Kingdom
Allegedly said to Sir Thomas Beecham on the opera La Bohème, on why it was his favourite.

„Alleged last words in 1936, in response to being told that he would soon be well enough to visit the seaside resort Bognor Regis“

— George V of the United Kingdom
A second theory is that this dates from the King's 1928/9 recuperative visit there. Local dignitaries went to see the King's private secretary Stamfordham petitioning to have the town renamed Bognor Regis. The King told Stamfordham "Bugger Bognor", which he translated as the King would be pleased to grant their request. (Nigel Rees, Sayings of the Century page 6, quoting Kenneth Rose's biography of the King.)


„You dress like a cad. You act like a cad. You are a cad.“

— George V of the United Kingdom
Allegedly said to his son, Prince Edward. Quoted by Christopher Warwick in Abdication (Sidgwick and Jackson, 1986)

„My father was frightened of his mother. I was frightened of my father and I am damned well going to see to it that my children are frightened of me.“

— George V of the United Kingdom
Attributed in Randolph Churchill's Lord Derby (1959), but said by [ Kenneth Rose] in King George V (1983) to be almost certainly apocryphal.


„But, remember, I wish to have the best collection, not just one of the best collections in England.“

— George V of the United Kingdom
Allegedly said to J.A. Tilleard, Honorary Secretary, Philatelic Society, on appointing him as Philatelist to the King.

„The King feels so strongly that, no matter the crime committed by anyone on whom the VC has been conferred, the decoration should not be forfeited. Even were a VC to be sentenced to be hanged for murder, he should be allowed to wear his VC on the scaffold.“

— George V of the United Kingdom
Lord Stamfordham, private secretary to George V, on 26 July 1920. The original Royal Warrant involved an expulsion clause that allowed for a recipient's name to be erased from the official register in certain wholly discreditable circumstances and his pension cancelled. Eight were forfeited between 1861 and 1908. George V strongly opposed the concept of revoking a Victoria Cross, and directed Lord Stamfordham to express this view forcefully in a letter.

„After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in twelve months.“

— George V of the United Kingdom
Statement to Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, referring to his son, Edward, Prince of Wales Quoted in Keith Middlemas and John Barnes, Baldwin (1969) ch.34

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