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Kenneth Boulding

Data di nascita: 18. Gennaio 1910
Data di morte: 18. Marzo 1993


Kenneth Ewart Boulding è stato un economista, pacifista e poeta inglese naturalizzato statunitense.

Mistico religioso, devoto quacchero, scienziato dei sistemi e filosofo, è stato cofondatore della teoria generale dei sistemi, fondatore di numerosi progetti in economia e scienze sociali. Era sposato con Elise Boulding M., sociologa e tra le maggiori contributrici della creazione accademica della disciplina di peace and conflict studies, o polemologia.

Frasi Kenneth Boulding

„Economic development does not consist merely in the piling up of things, but in the accumulation of new kinds of things“

— Kenneth E. Boulding
Context: The success of Japanese development is due simply to the fact that Japan devoted a substantial portion of its resources to the growth industry, and particularly to the human resources and then commended Max Weber's emphasis on hard work and thrift. All the law and the prophets of economic development can be summed up in the old proverb that "where there's a will there's a way". The way indeed is absurdly easy and is well known. It consists merely in putting resources into growth. What could be simpler and easier! the problem however, is the will, and this. I think, we understand very little. The whole cultural milieu of society plays a role in the process of developing its will, and it is hard to separate the determining factors. A widespread puritan ethic, as Max Weber pointed out, is undoubtedly an asset, if this leads people to place a high value on hard work and thrift. On the other hand, puritanism often goes along with a resistance to social change and an unwillingness to innovate outside a narrow field of technology, and thrift alone can often lead to uncreative forms of accumulation or even to unemployment and depression. Mere accumulation is not enough. Economic development does not consist merely in the piling up of things, but in the accumulation of new kinds of things. p. 116. partly cited in: (2013) "[ What Boulding Said Went Wrong with Economics, A Quarter Century On]"


„The process of ... is the final act in the economic drama“

— Kenneth E. Boulding
Context: The process of... is the final act in the economic drama p. 614 (rev. ed. 1948) as cited in: Andrew McMeekin (2002) Innovation by Demand. p. 131

„Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.“

— Kenneth E. Boulding
Attributed to Kenneth Boulding in: United States. Congress. House (1973) Energy reorganization act of 1973: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, first session, on H.R. 11510. p. 248


„We should always bear in mind that numbers represent a simplification of reality.“

— Kenneth E. Boulding
p. 96 quoted in: Andrew Mearman (2011) "[ Three cheers for Kenneth Boulding!]"


„Knowledge exists in minds, not in books. Before what has been found can be used by practitioners, someone must organize it, integrate it, extract the message“

— Kenneth E. Boulding
Attributed to Kenneth Boulding (1976) in John T. Partington, Terry Orlick, John H. Salmela (1982) Sport in perspective. p. 94

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