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„A physician is worth more than several other men put together, for he can cut out arrows and spread healing herbs.“

—  Homér, Iliad
Iliad (c. 750 BC), Ἰητρὸς γὰρ ἀνὴρ πολλῶν ἀντάξιος ἄλλων ἰούς τ' ἐκτάμνειν ἐπί τ' ἤπια φάρμακα πάσσειν. XI. 514–515 (tr. Samuel Butler).

„For a friend with an understanding heart is worth no less than a brother.“

—  Homér, Odissea
Odyssey (c. 725 BC), Ἐπεὶ οὐ μέν τι κασιγνήτοιο χερείων γίνεται, ὅς κεν ἑταῖρος ἐὼν πεπνυμένα εἰδῇ. VIII. 585–586 (tr. G. H. Palmer).

„Who dares think one thing, and another tell,
My heart detests him as the gates of hell.“

—  Homér, Iliad
Iliad (c. 750 BC), Ἐχθρὸς γάρ μοι κεῖνος ὁμῶς Ἀΐδαο πύλῃσιν ὅς χ' ἕτερον μὲν κεύθῃ ἐνὶ φρεσίν, ἄλλο δὲ εἴπῃ. IX. 312–313 (tr. Alexander Pope). A. H. Chase and W. G. Perry, Jr.'s translation: : Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is the man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.

„There is the heat of Love,
the pulsing rush of Longing, the lover's whisper,
irresistible—magic to make the sanest man go mad.“

—  Homér, Iliad
Iliad (c. 750 BC), Ἔνθ' ἔνι μὲν φιλότης, ἐν δ' ἵμερος, ἐν δ' ὀαριστὺς πάρφασις, ἥ τ' ἔκλεψε νόον πύκα περ φρονεόντων. XIV. 216–217 (tr. Robert Fagles). Alexander Pope's translation: : In this was every art, and every charm, To win the wisest, and the coldest warm: Fond love, the gentle vow, the gay desire, The kind deceit, the still reviving fire, Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs, Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes.

„My name is Nobody.“

—  Homér, Odissea
Odyssey (c. 725 BC), IX. 366 (tr. Robert Fagles); Odysseus to Polyphemus.

„Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest.“

—  Homér, Odissea
Odyssey (c. 725 BC), Context: Alike he thwarts the hospitable end, Who drives the free, or stays the hasty friend: True friendship's laws are by this rule expressed, Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest. XV. 72–74 (tr. Alexander Pope).

„Rage—Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles“

—  Homér, Iliad
Iliad (c. 750 BC), Context: Rage—Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses, hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls, great fighters' souls, but made their bodies carrion, feasts for the dogs and birds. I. 1–5 (tr. Robert Fagles).

„If only strife could die from the lives of gods and men“

—  Homér, Iliad
Iliad (c. 750 BC), Context: If only strife could die from the lives of gods and men and anger that drives the sanest man to flare in outrage— bitter gall, sweeter than dripping streams of honey, that swarms in people's chests and blinds like smoke. XVIII. 107–110 (tr. Robert Fagles); spoken by Achilles.

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