„Quando il potere dell'amore supererà l'amore per il potere il mondo potrà scoprire la pace.“


When the power of love overcomes love of power the world will know peace.

This quote has been attributed to Hendrix on the internet, and is flatly denied to have ever been said by him, without presenting any evidence as to why, beyond such unsupported, derisive and denigrative statements such as the author rants about others making in "WHAT HENDRIX NEVER SAID : They Don't Want to Know What He Really Said and Demand a Slacker Fantasy Instead" (22 March 2010) by Michael Fairchild, at rockprophecy.com http://www.rockprophecy.com/hendrix_quotes_hoax.html. Whether or not he ever spoke them, they are very similar to those reportedly of British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, quoted in The Forbes Book of Business Quotations (1997) edited by Edward C. Goodman and Ted Goodman, p. 639: "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." A similar quotation he provides of Sri Chinmoy predates any currently located source of either the Hendrix or Gladstone attributions, yet he accuses Chinmoy of simple plagiarism of Gladstone (or "Gladwell" at one point). From Chinmoy's book My Heart Shall Give A Oneness-Feast (1993) he quotes: "My books, they all have only one message: the heart's Power Of Love must replace the mind's Love Of Power. If I have the Power Of Love, then I shall claim the whole World as my own … World Peace can be achieved when the Power Of Love replaces the Love Of Power." An even earlier statement of Chinmoy is found in Meditations: Food For The Soul (1970): "When the power of love replaces the love of power, man will have a new name: God."
Variante: When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

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Jimi Hendrix18
chitarrista e cantautore statunitense 1942 - 1970

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Sri Chinmoy photo

„Avremo la pace nel mondo quando il potere dell'amore prenderà il posto dell'amore del potere.“

—  Sri Chinmoy religioso e poeta indiano 1931 - 2007

Origine: "World-peace | Can be achieved | When the power of love | Replaces | The love of power." Da Peace-Lovers, AUM publications, 1997; citato in Quotes by Sri Chinmoy http://www.srichinmoycentre.org/sri_chinmoy/quotes#footnote4_clmr35h, srichinmoycentre.org.

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„Lo Stato ha il potere fisico e lo usa quando necessario; il potere della religione è amore e beneficenza.“

—  Moses Mendelssohn filosofo tedesco 1729 - 1786

citato in AA.VV., Il libro delle religioni, traduzione di Anna Carbone, Gribaudo, 2017, p. 189. ISBN 9788858015810

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„In amore la bellezza vale più del potere!“

—  Publilio Siro scrittore e drammaturgo romano

In amore conta più la bellezza che la posizione.
Originale: (la) In amore forma plus valet quam auctoritas.

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„[Teodora] si augurava un quarto altare sul quale poter libare al dio dell'Amore.“

—  Edward Gibbon, Declino e caduta dell'Impero Romano

Declino e caduta dell'Impero romano, p. 457
Declino e caduta dell'Impero Romano
Origine: Alludendo a quel che dice Procopio di Cesarea riguardo all'uso "contro natura" che Teodora faceva del suo corpo.

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