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Data di nascita: 14. Novembre 1948


Carlo, principe del Galles , è il figlio maggiore della regina Elisabetta II del Regno Unito e di Filippo, duca di Edimburgo. È erede al trono britannico dal 6 febbraio 1952 e questo fa di lui il più duraturo e il più longevo erede al trono della storia delle isole britanniche. Infatti, per la durata ha superato re Edoardo VII che fu erede al trono della regina Vittoria dal 1841 al 1901; mentre per longevità, il 20 settembre 2013, ha superato re Guglielmo IV, salito al trono all'età di 64 anni, 10 mesi e 5 giorni.

Detiene il titolo di principe del Galles dal 1958, e il suo titolo completo è Sua Altezza Reale il Principe del Galles, eccetto in Scozia dove è detto Sua Altezza Reale il principe Carlo, duca di Rothesay. Il titolo duca di Cornovaglia è spesso utilizzato dal principe nelle relazioni con la Cornovaglia.

Ricopre il grado militare di viceammiraglio della Marina Reale Britannica. Inoltre il 16 giugno 2012 la Regina gli ha conferito i più elevati titoli onorifici delle Forze armate britanniche: quello di Ammiraglio di Flotta per la marina, quello di Maresciallo di Campo per l'esercito e quello di Maresciallo della Royal Air Force per l'aviazione.

Carlo è erede al trono di sedici stati sovrani : i reami del Commonwealth. La successione alla madre con il titolo di Capo del Commonwealth non sarà comunque automatica. Se Carlo dovesse salire al trono, sarà il primo monarca britannico a discendere dalla regina Vittoria attraverso due linee di successione: da parte di madre, attraverso Edoardo VII, Giorgio V e Giorgio VI, e inoltre da parte di padre attraverso la nonna, la principessa Alice di Battenberg, bisnipote della regina Vittoria.

Carlo ha anche una fitta agenda di doveri reali, e inoltre sta assumendo sempre più impegni in luogo degli anziani genitori. Il principe è anche noto per i matrimoni con Diana Spencer, dalla quale divorziò nel 1996, e con Camilla Shand.

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„You have got to choose somebody very carefully who could fulfill this particular role“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
Context: You have got to choose somebody very carefully who could fulfill this particular role, because people like you, perhaps, would expect quite a lot from somebody like that and it has got to be somebody pretty special. "Prince Charles discusses marriage", The Times, 27 June 1969, p. 10 Asked about "the lady the Prince should marry" in a joint televised interview with BBC and ITN broadcast on 26 June 1969.

„A large number of us have developed a feeling that architects tend to design houses for the approval of fellow architects and critics, not for the tenants.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
[ Prince of Wales' website] Speech at the 150th anniversary of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Gala Evening at Hampton Court Palace, 30 May, 1984.


„I think it's something that dawns on you with the most ghastly, inexorable sense. I didn't suddenly wake up in my pram one day and say 'Yippee, I —', you know. But I think it just dawns on you, you know, slowly, that people are interested in one, and slowly you get the idea that you have a certain duty and responsibility.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
"The Prince of Wales: Full text of replies in radio debut", The Times, 3 March 1969, p. 3. Asked when he had first realised that he was heir to the throne, in a Radio interview with Jack di Manio broadcast on 1 March 1969. This was the first time the Prince had appeared on radio.

„Anthony Carthew (ITN): And, I suppose, in love?
Lady Diana Spencer: Of course!
Charles, Prince of Wales: Whatever 'in love' means.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
"[,,60-2559197,00.html Anthony Carthew]" (Obituary), The Times, 22 January 2007. On announcing his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer (1981 Feb-July)

„When people are uncertain about what is right and what is wrong, and anxious about being considered old-fashioned, it seems to be worse than folly that Christians are still arguing about doctrinal matters which can only bring needless distress to a number of people.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
Clifford Longley, "Handicaps of royalty are highlighted by Prince's controversial remarks", The Times, Monday, 3 July 1978, p. 2 Speech to the International Congress of the Salvation Army at the Empire Pool, Wembley, 30 June 1978. Senior British Roman Catholics took this as an attack on their Church and pointed to the religious disabilities attaching to the succession to the throne.

„The [http://www. rias. co. uk/prince-of-wales-style-icon/ Prince of Wales on conservation]“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
"I don't want to be confronted by my future grandchild and them say 'Why didn't you do something?'" [ abc News], 2 August 2013


„Delighted and frankly amazed that Diana is prepared to take me on.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
[ BBC News online] 'On this day', 24 February 1981. Interview with the BBC on announcing his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer.

„Instead of designing an extension to the elegant facade of the National Gallery which complements it and continues the concept of columns and domes, it looks as if we may be presented with a kind of municipal fire station, complete with the sort of tower that contains the siren. I would understand better this type of high-tech approach if you demolished the whole of Trafalgar Square and started again with a single architect responsible for the entire layout, but what is proposed is like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
[ Prince of Wales' website] Speech at the 150th anniversary of the Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Gala Evening at Hampton Court Palace, 30 May, 1984. The Prince had undoubtedly read "The Spencers on Spas" written the previous year by his step-mother-in-law, Raine, Countess Spencer, which included on page 14 the observation that "Monstrous carbuncles of concrete have erupted in gentle Georgian Squares".


„Mrs. Parker Bowles is a great friend of mine... a friend for a very long time. She will continue to be a friend for a long time.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
When asked about his relationship with Camilla during his interview with journalist Jonathan Dimbleby in 1994. Book: Charles and Camilla: Portrait of a Love Affair, Author: Gyles Brandreth, page 280

„Oh, the little grovelling bastard.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
Graham Moorby, "Goon spikes tribute from the `grovelling bastard' Prince", The Independent, 5 December 1994. Spike Milligan's reaction when the Prince's tribute to him was read out at the 1994 British Comedy awards.

„Such is the end of Empire.“

— Charles, Prince of Wales
"'It's no wonder this region gets jumpy about the Chinese...'", Mail on Sunday, 13 November 2005, p. 8. Entry in private journal referring to an incident in which he had to fly in business class while leading politicians flew in first class.

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