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Elisabetta II del Regno Unito

Data di nascita: 21. Aprile 1926


Elisabetta II è la regina del Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord.

Figlia di re Giorgio VI e della regina Elisabetta , è anche regina di Antigua e Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Giamaica, Nuova Zelanda, Papua Nuova Guinea, Saint Kitts e Nevis, Saint Vincent e Grenadine, Isole Salomone, Santa Lucia e Tuvalu.

Elisabetta II è anche Capo del Commonwealth e governatore supremo della Chiesa d'Inghilterra, comandante in capo delle forze armate e signore dell'Isola di Man. È salita al trono del Regno Unito il 6 febbraio 1952, alla morte del padre re Giorgio VI.

Il suo regno è il più lungo di tutta la storia britannica, avendo superato il 9 settembre 2015 il precedente record detenuto dalla sua trisavola Vittoria di 63 anni, 7 mesi e 2 giorni , ed è il più lungo in assoluto per una regina.

Circa 125 milioni di persone nel mondo sono suoi sudditi. Il suo regno ha visto 12 Primi ministri del Regno Unito e ancor più numerosi primi ministri e governatori degli altri stati membri del Commonwealth delle nazioni. Per la sua durata, il regno di Elisabetta II è al 44º posto nella classifica dei regni più lunghi della Storia. È sposata con Filippo di Edimburgo dal 20 novembre 1947 e ha quattro figli, Carlo, Anna, Andrea ed Edoardo.

Frasi Elisabetta II del Regno Unito


„The true measure of all our actions is how long the good in them lasts... everything we do, we do for the young.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
Speech during the commemorations of D-Day, 06/06/2014. []

„On behalf of the British people I salute the skill and courage which have brought man to the moon. May this endeavour increase the knowledge and well-being of mankind.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
Message left on the moon by the crew of Apollo 11; [ NASA documentation] (13 July 1969)

„1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an 'Annus Horribilis'.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
After a fire at Windsor Castle and several personal scandals in the royal family. Annus horribilis is Latin for "horrible year"; the letter to which the Queen was referring was sent by Sir Edward Ford. Speech at the Guildhall, London, to mark the 40th anniversary of her Accession (24 November 1992)

„It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
1957 Christmas Broadcast; [ quoted on royal website] (25 December 1957)


„Football's a difficult business and aren't they prima donnas?“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
The Queen gives her opinion to Premier League chairman Sir David Richards, as quoted in BBC News (2 January 2007) []

„I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
On her 21st birthday; [ quoted on royal website] (21 April 1947)

„We are a moderate, pragmatic people, more comfortable with practice than theory.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
Speech in reply to Addresses from both Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall in the year of Her Golden Jubilee (30 April 2002)

„But nothing that can be said can begin to take away the anguish and the pain of these moments. Grief is the price we pay for love.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
Message from the Queen, read by the British ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, St Thomas's Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue. 22 September 2001. []


„Our religions provide critical guidance for the way we live our lives, and for the way in which we treat each other.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
During a speech at Lambeth Palace, 15/02/2012. [ Quoted on royal website]

„In tomorrow's world we must all work together as hard as ever, if we're truly to be United Nations“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
The Queen urging nations to work together at her second address of the United Nations []

„The right to change the government by the ballot box and not the barrel of a gun; perhaps the best definition of a democracy.“

— Isabel II do Reino Unido
During a speech to President Gerald Ford celebrating the 200th anniversary of American independence.[]

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