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Filippo Melantone

Data di nascita: 16. Febbraio 1497
Data di morte: 19. Aprile 1560


Filippo Melantone, nome italianizzato di Philippus Melanchthon nato Philipp Schwarzerdt , è stato un umanista e teologo tedesco, amico personale di Martin Lutero e uno dei maggiori protagonisti della Riforma protestante.

Frasi Filippo Melantone


„I have received blows from him.“

— Philip Melanchthon
Letter to Vito Theodoro (Veit Dietrich (1506-1549)), February 23, 1544 wherein Melanchthon complains of having been stuck (colaphos) by Luther. In Corpus Reformatorum, 1838, volume 5, p. 322. [] See also The Mystery of Iniquity Revealed, Or, A Contrast Between the Lives of Some Anti-Christian Popes and the Godly Reformers: with the Essence of Protestantism, London: Richardson and Son, 1849, p. 190. []

„But I hope that by the decision and authority of wise princes that sometime devout and learned men from the churches of other nations and of ours may be summoned together to deliberate about all the controversies and that there be handed down to posterity one harmonious, true, and clear form of doctrine, without any ambiguity. Meanwhile, as far as possible, let us encourage the union of our churches with measured advice.“

— Philip Melanchthon
Letter to Elector Friedrich of the Palatinate, November 1, 1559. In The Peter Martyr Library: Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ, Pietro Martire Vermigli, John Patrick Donnelly, trans. & ed, Thomas Jefferson University Press, 1995, , vol. 2, p. 167. [,+and+clear+form+of+doctrine,+++without+any+ambiguity%22&hl=en&ei=2XUqTJCjGY2inQf_q93VDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=%22true%2C%20and%20clear%20form%20of%20doctrine%2C%20%20%20without%20any%20ambiguity%22&f=false]. Primary source: Corpus Reformatorum, 1842, Volume 9, p. 961. [] Alternate translation: Moreover, I desire that with the plan of the wise rulers and with their authority, pious and learned men at some time be called together both from our own churches and the churches of other nations in order that there might be a deliberation about all these controversies, and that one consenting form of doctrine, true and clear and without any ambiguity, might be handed down to posterity. In Melanchthon in English: New Translations into English with a Registry of Previous Translations: A Memorial to William Hammer (1909-1976), Lowell C. Green, Charles D. Froehlich, Center for Reformation Research, 1982, p. 24. []

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