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Data di nascita: 470 a.C.
Data di morte: 390 a.C.


Filoláo, in greco antico Φιλόλαος , è stato un filosofo, astronomo e matematico greco antico.

Frasi Filolao


„The essence of things is eternal“

—  Philolaus
Context: Fragment 4. This is the state of affairs about nature and harmony. The essence of things is eternal; it is a unique and divine nature, the knowledge of which does not belong to man. Still it would not not be possible that any of the things that are, and are known by us, should arrive to our knowledge, if this essence was not the internal foundation of the principles of which the world was founded, that is, of the finite and infinite elements. Now since these principles are not mutually similar, neither of similar nature, it would be impossible that the order of the world should have been formed by them, unless the harmony had intervened... the dissimilar things, which have neither a similar nature, nor an equivalent function, must be organized by the harmony, if they are to take their place in the connected totality of the world.

„The harmony is generally the result of contraries; for it is the unity of multiplicity, and the agreement of discordances“

—  Philolaus
Context: Fragment 3. The harmony is generally the result of contraries; for it is the unity of multiplicity, and the agreement of discordances. (Nicom. Arith.2:509).

„All things, at least those we know, contain number“

—  Philolaus
Context: Fragment 2. All things, at least those we know, contain number; for it is evident that nothing whatever can either be thought or known, without number. Number has two distinct kinds: the odd, and the even, and a third, derived from a mingling of the other two kinds, the even-odd. Each of its subspecies is susceptible of many very numerous varieties; which each manifests individually.

„The world's nature is a harmonious compound of infinite and finite elements“

—  Philolaus
Context: Fragment 1. (Stob.21.7; Diog.#.8.85) The world's nature is a harmonious compound of infinite and finite elements; similar is the totality of the world in itself, and of all it contains. b. All beings are necessarily finite or infinite, or simultaneously finite and infinite; but they could not all be infinite only.

„[Number is] the commanding and self-begotten container of the eternal duration of mundane concerns.“

—  Philolaus
Quoted by Aristotle, Metaphysics (ca. 350 BC) Tr. Thomas Taylor, The Philosophical and Mathematical Commentaries of Proclus on the First Book of Euclid's Elements (1792) [ Vol. 1], p. xix.

„The ancient theologists and priests... testify that the soul is united with the body as if for the sake of punishment; and so is buried in body as in a sepulchre.“

—  Philolaus
Quoted by Clemens Alexandrinus, Stromata, Book III (ca. 190 AD) Tr. Thomas Taylor, [ The Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries: A Dissertation] (1891)

„There is a fire in the middle at the centre, which is the Vesta of the universe, the house of Jupiter, the mother of the Gods, and the basis coherence and measure of nature.“

—  Philolaus
Quoted by Johannes Stobaeus, Eclogues (5th-century CE) Phys. p. 51, Tr. Thomas Taylor, [ The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus] (1824) p.156.

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