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George Whitefield

Data di nascita: 16. Dicembre 1714
Data di morte: 29. Settembre 1770


George Whitefield è stato un predicatore inglese.

Frasi George Whitefield

„Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?“

— George Whitefield
Attributed to Whitefield, in The Monthly Review, or, Literary Journal, Vol. 49 (June 1773 - January 1774), p. 430; this has also been reported as a remark made by Rowland Hill, when he arranged an Easter hymn to the tune of "Pretty, Pretty Polly Hopkins, in The Rambler, Vol. 9 (1858), p. 191; it has also attributed to Charles Wesley, and sometimes his brother John, as well as William Booth, who popularized it as an addage in promoting his The Salvation Army.


„Come poor, lost, undone sinner, come just as you are to Christ.“

— George Whitefield
Reported in Ernest Bormann, Force of Fantasy: Restoring the American Dream (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1985), p. 73. .

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