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Hermann Bahr

Data di nascita: 19. Luglio 1863
Data di morte: 15. Gennaio 1934

Hermann Bahr, all'anagrafe Hermann Anastas Bahr , è stato uno scrittore, commediografo e critico teatrale austriaco.

Fu saggista e abile commediografo; tra le sue opere più celebri si ricordano Studien zur Kritik der Moderne e Das Konzert . Numerosi dei suoi lavori sono stati adattati per lo schermo, sia cinematografico che televisivo. Nel 1894 si costituisce attorno a lui un gruppo culturale decadente chiamato Jungwien. Egli fu, dal punto di vista culturale e letterario, la nemesi di Karl Kraus.

„La politica è giusto l'arte di intendersi tanto sul proprio vantaggio che su quello del prossimo e sfruttare questo per quello, e mentre ci si serve del prossimo fare sì che egli debba pensare che lo si serve.“

„So he explored, explored within himself, scanning himself with a lamp, as if it were not himself at all but some strange monster that he had been commanded to guard.“

„It comforted him because it could not be called suffering if it was a sign of Art.“

„As long as he deceived himself about the truth, he could blame fortune and have confidence in the future. Now the clouds of madness were closing round his mind.“

„Bondage And Service - that was what they all demanded and from everyone. This craving to find themselves in another, to subjugate and appropriate foreign territory, to create a new field for their own will in a second body, foreign flesh for their own soul; this greedy, consuming hunger devoured every other desire, and they called it friendship!“

„Man screams from the depths of his soul; the whole era becomes a single, piercing shriek. Art also screams, into the deep darkness, screams for help, screams for the spirit. This is Expressionism.“

„Words are not in the power of men; men are in the power of words. Every time we open our mouths, a thousand dead men speak through us.“

„... what we say or do is unimportant; it is merely semblance, beyond which our real life lies concealed... We know this better than we can prove, but in order to prove it we have to express it, and on the path to speech the essential somehow gets lost.“

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