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Karl Mannheim

Data di nascita: 27. Marzo 1893
Data di morte: 9. Gennaio 1947

Karl Mannheim è stato un sociologo tedesco di origine ungherese.

Viene considerato il fondatore della sociologia della conoscenza.

„[Su Adolf Hitler] Naturalmente, non ci piace per la sua politica, che ci pare sbagliata. Ma per il fatto che è un uomo serio, retto, che non cerca nulla per se stesso, ma si preoccupa con tutto il cuore di costruire un nuovo governo. È profondamente sincero, spontaneo; ne ammiriamo la probità e la dedizione.“ citato in Ralf Dahrendorf, Erasmiani, traduzione di M. Sampaolo, p. 7

„ideology signifies a phenomenon intermediate between a simple lie at one pole, and an error, which is the result of a distorted and faulty conceptual apparatus, at the other.“

„In our contemporary social and intellectual plight, it is nothing less than shocking to discover that those persons who claim to have discovered an absolute are usually the same people who also pretend to be superior to the rest. To find people in our day attempting to pass off to the world and recommending to others some nostrum of the absolute which they claim to have discovered is merely a sign of the loss of and the need for intellectual and moral certainty, felt by broad sections of the population who are unable to look life in the face.“ Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge

„Hence insight may be regarded as the core of social knowledge. It is arrived at by being on the inside of the phenomenon to. be observed, or, as Charles H. Cooley put it, by sympathetic introspection. It is the participation in an activity that generates interest, purpose, point of view, value, meaning, and intelligibility, as well as bias.“ Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge

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