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Margaret Fuller

Data di nascita: 23. Maggio 1810
Data di morte: 19. Luglio 1850


Sarah Margaret Fuller Ossoli è stata una scrittrice, giornalista e patriota statunitense.

Frasi Margaret Fuller

„Io stessa sono più divina di chiunque altro io possa vedere.“

— Margaret Fuller
da una Lettera a Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1° marzo 1838; da My Heart is a Large Kingdom: Selected Letters of Margaret Fuller, a cura di Robert N. Hudspeth, Cornell University Press, 2001


„Io accetto l'universo!“

— Margaret Fuller
settembre 1843; citato in William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience, 1902

„There are noble books but one wants the breath of life sometimes.“

— Margaret Fuller
Context: There are noble books but one wants the breath of life sometimes. And I see no divine person. I myself am more divine than any I see — I think that is enough to say about them... Letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson (1 March 1838); published in The Letters of Margaret Fuller vol. I, p. 327, , edited by Robert N. Hudspeth (1983).


„All around us lies what we neither understand nor use. Our capacities, our instincts for this our present sphere are but half developed.“

— Margaret Fuller
Context: All around us lies what we neither understand nor use. Our capacities, our instincts for this our present sphere are but half developed. Let us confine ourselves to that till the lesson be learned; let us be completely natural; before we trouble ourselves with the supernatural. I never see any of these things but I long to get away and lie under a green tree and let the wind blow on me. There is marvel and charm enough in that for me. "Good Sense" in a dialogue between Free Hope, Old Church, Good Sense, and Self -Poise. p. 127.


„Nature provides exceptions to every rule.“

— Margaret Fuller
Context: Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But, in fact, they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman. History jeers at the attempts of physiologists to bind great original laws by the forms which flow from them. They make a rule; they say from observation what can and cannot be. In vain! Nature provides exceptions to every rule. She sends women to battle, and sets Hercules spinning; she enables women to bear immense burdens, cold, and frost; she enables the man, who feels maternal love, to nourish his infant like a mother.

„Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.“

— Margaret Fuller
Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli (1852), Vol. I, p. 132.

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