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Margery Allingham

Data di nascita: 20. Maggio 1904
Data di morte: 30. Giugno 1966
Altri nomi:مارجری الینقهام,Луиза Аллингем,Margery Allinghamová


Margery Allingham è stata una scrittrice inglese di gialli, conosciuta anche con lo pseudonimo Maxwell March. Nei suoi romanzi compare il suo personaggio di Albert Campion.

Frasi Margery Allingham


„What a period. What an age to have been alive in. Oh thank God I was born when I was.“

— Margery Allingham
The Oaken Heart - the story of an English Village - Michael Joseph 1941

„'A quotation's only a short neat way of sayin' somethin' everybody knows, like "It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide."' (Italics in original)“

— Margery Allingham
The Fashion in Shrouds, New York: Felony & Mayhem, 2008, chapter six, p. 58 (Originally published in 1938) In standard English the italicized text means, "It's crazy to give a policeman the bribe in counterfeit money." It was popularized as a nonsense catchphrase by Mad magazine.

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