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Thomas Kuhn

Data di nascita: 18. Luglio 1922
Data di morte: 17. Giugno 1996


Thomas Samuel Kuhn è stato uno storico e filosofo statunitense.

Epistemologo, scrisse diversi saggi di storia della scienza, sviluppando alcune fondamentali nozioni di filosofia della scienza. Formulò un'epistemologia alternativa a quella del falsificazionismo di Karl Popper, suo principale bersaglio polemico.

Frasi Thomas Kuhn


„I rapidly discovered that Aristotle had known almost no mechanics at all.... How could his characteristic talents have deserted him so systematically when he turned to the study of motion and mechanics? Equally, if his talents had so deserted him, why had his writings in physics been taken so seriously for so many centuries after his death?... I was sitting at my desk with the text of Aristotle's Physics open in front of me... Suddenly the fragments in my head sorted themselves out in a new way, and fell into place together. My jaw dropped, for all at once Aristotle seemed a very good physicist indeed, but of a sort I'd never dreamed possible. Now I could understand why he had said what he'd said, and what his authority had been. Statements that had previously seemed egregious mistakes, now seemed at worst near misses within a powerful and generally successful tradition. That sort of experience -- the pieces suddenly sorting themselves out and coming together in a new way -- is the first general characteristic of revolutionary change that I shall be singling out after further consideration of examples. Though scientific revolutions leave much piecemeal mopping up to do, the central change cannot be experienced piecemenal, one step at a time. Instead, it involves some relatively sudden and unstructured transformation in which some part of the flux of experience sorts itself out differently and displays patterns that were not visible before.“

— Thomas Kuhn
p. 16-17; from "What Are Scientific Revolutions?" (1982)

„Only when they must choose between competing theories do scientists behave like philosophers.“

— Thomas Kuhn
Thomas Kuhn (1970) in Logic of Discovery or Psychology of Research?, edited by

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