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Georges Cuvier

Data di nascita: 23. Agosto 1769
Data di morte: 13. Maggio 1832
Altri nomi:George Cuvier


Georges Leopold Chretien Frédéric Dagobert Cuvier è stato un biologo francese.

Frasi Georges Cuvier

„The works which this man leaves behind him occupy a few pages only; their importance is not greatly superior to their extent.“

— Georges Cuvier
about the writings of Joseph Banks. as stated in "Cavendish: The Experimental Life" on page 461, by Christa Jungnickel and Russell McCormmach, published in 1999.


„The natural food of man, judging from his structure, appears to consist of the fruits, roots, and other succulent parts of vegetables.“

— Georges Cuvier
[ The Animal Kingdom], trans. H. McMurtrie, London: Orr and Smith, 1834, p. 37.

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