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Howard Gardner

Data di nascita: 11. Luglio 1943
Altri nomi:Χάουαρντ Γκάρντνερ,ഹോവാർഡ് ഗാർഡ്നർ, ハワード・ガードナー,هوارد قاردنر


Howard Gardner è uno psicologo e docente statunitense di origine ebraica.

Frasi Howard Gardner

„I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place.“

— Howard Gardner
Howard Gardner (1983), "Multiple approaches to understanding," in: Charles M. Reigeluth (ed.) Instructional-design Theories and Models: A new paradigm of ..., Volume 2. p. 69-90

„Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal.“

— Howard Gardner
Howard Gardner, cited in: Richard L. Daft (2014), The Leadership Experience, p. 273


„Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.“

— Howard Gardner
Howard Gardner, cited in: Laurie Myers, ‎Joseph Will (2015), Whole Family Learning: Experiences Living and Teaching In China. p. 16

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