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Jacque Fresco

Data di nascita: 13. Marzo 1916
Data di morte: 18. Maggio 2017


Jacque Fresco è stato un progettista autodidatta e futurologo statunitense, fondatore del Venus Project.

Autodefinitosi disegnatore industriale e ingegnere sociale, Fresco ha approfondito e trattato una vasta gamma di argomenti, quali il comportamentismo, la progettazione, la cibernetica, l'educazione e i valori umani con un approccio multidisciplinare e meccanicistico al fine di presentare una proposta esauriente di riprogettazione della società.

Frasi Jacque Fresco

„Whenever money is involved, there is elitism.“

— Jacque Fresco
6. The inhumanity of a monetary-based system.

„When I was a young man, growing up in New York City, I refused to pledge allegiance to the flag. Of course I was sent to the principal's office and he asked me: "Why don't you want to pledge allegiance? Everybody does." I said: "Everybody once believed the Earth was flat but, that doesn't make it so." I explained that America owed everything it has to other cultures and other nations, and that I would rather pledge allegiance to the Earth and everyone on it. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I left school entirely. I set up a lab in my bedroom. There, I began to learn about science and nature. I realized then that the universe is governed by laws, and that the human being, along with society itself, was not exempt from these laws. Then came the crash of 1929, which began with what we now call "The Great Depression." I found it difficult to understand why millions were out of work, homeless, starving, while all the factories were sitting there, the resources were unchanged. It was then that I realized that the rules of the economic game were inherently invalid. Shorty after came World War II, where various nations took turns, systematically destroying each other. I later calculated that all the destruction and wasted resources spent on that war could've easily provided for every human need on the planet. Since that time, I've watched humanity set the stage for its own extinction. I have watched as the precious, finite resources are perpetually wasted and destroyed in the name of profit and free markets. I have watched the social values of society be reduced into a base artificiality of materialism and mindless consumption. And I have watched as the monetary powers control the political structure of supposedly "free societies." I'm 94 years old now and I'm afraid my disposition is the same as it was 75 years ago: this shit's got to go.“

— Jacque Fresco
[ Appearance] in Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011).

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