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John Polidori

Data di nascita: 7. Settembre 1795
Data di morte: 24. Agosto 1821

John William Polidori è stato uno scrittore e medico britannico, nonché segretario e medico personale del poeta George Byron. È famoso per aver scritto Il vampiro, il primo racconto della letteratura moderna su questa creatura leggendaria.

„Quando procedeva danzando nella piana, o saltellando lungo il fianco del monte, veniva da pensar che la gazzella non fosse che una povera copia delle sue bellezze; perché, chi avrebbe scambiato il suo sguardo, lo sguardo stesso della natura animata, con lo sguardo sonnolento e lussurioso dell'animale, consono tutt'al più ai gusti di un epicureo?“ 1991

„his character was dreadfully vicious, for that the possession of irresistible powers of seduction, rendered his licentious habits more dangerous to society.“ The Vampyre; a Tale

„all those upon whom it was bestowed, inevitably found that there was a curse upon it, for they were all either led to the scaffold, or sunk to the lowest and the most abject misery.“ The Vampyre; a Tale

„he had required, to enhance his gratification, that his victim, the partner of his guilt, should be hurled from the pinnacle of unsullied virtue, down to the lowest abyss of infamy and degradation:“ The Vampyre; a Tale

„In many parts of Greece it is considered as a sort of punishment after death, for some heinous crime committed whilst in existence, that the deceased is not only doomed to vampyrise, but compelled to confine his infernal visitations solely to those beings he loved most while upon earth—those to whom he was bound by ties of kindred and affection.—A supposition alluded to in the "Giaour.“ The Vampyre; a Tale

„The title of the elder branch falling at length to him, he obtained an important embassy, which served as an excuse for hastening the marriage“ The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre

„IT happened that in the midst of the dissipations attendant upon a London winter, there appeared at the various parties of the leaders of the ton a nobleman, more remarkable for his singularities, than his rank.“ The Vampyre; a Tale

„He thought, in fine, that the dreams of poets were the realities of life.“ The Vampyre; A Tale

„May. Thackeray’s Catherine in Fraser’s (seven instalments ending in Feb. 1840).“ The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre

„His peculiarities caused him to be invited to every house; all wished to see him, and those who had been accustomed to violent excitement, and now felt the weight of ennui, were pleased at having something in their presence capable of engaging their attention. In spite of the deadly hue of his face, which never gained a warmer tint, either from the blush of modesty, or from the strong emotion of passion, though its form and outline were beautiful, many of the female hunters after notoriety attempted to win his attentions, and gain, at least, some marks of what they might term affection;“ The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre

„he soon formed this object into the hero of a romance, and determined to observe the offspring of his fancy, rather than the person before him.“ The Vampyre and Other Tales of the Macabre

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