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Alphonse Daudet

Data di nascita: 13. Maggio 1840
Data di morte: 16. Dicembre 1897


Alphonse Daudet è stato uno scrittore e drammaturgo francese.

Frasi Alphonse Daudet


„Children are like men, the experience of others does not help them.“

— Alphonse Daudet
Jack: mœurs contemporaines (1876; repr. Paris: E. Dentu, 1877); Laura Ensor (trans.) Jack (London: Dent, 1896) vol. 1, p. 83.

„You see, my children, when the corn is ripe it must be cut; when the wine is drawn it must be drunk.“

— Alphonse Daudet
Lettres de mon moulin (1869; repr. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1882) p. 112; John P. Macgregor (trans.) Letters from My Mill (New York: Taplinger, 1967) p. 86.

„There is no law, in literature, against picking up a rusty weapon; the important thing is to be able to sharpen the blade and to reforge the hilt to fit one's hand.“

— Alphonse Daudet
Souvenirs d'un homme de lettres (Paris: C. Marpon et E. Flammarion, 1888) p. 178; George Burnham Ives (trans.) Thirty Years in Paris (Boston: Little, Brown, 1900) p. 134.

„That's fame: just a cigar with the hot end and ash in your mouth.“

— Alphonse Daudet
L'immortel: mœurs parisiennes (1888; repr. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1890) p. 56; Arthur Woollgar Verrall and Margaret de G. Verrall (trans.) One of the "Forty" (Chicago: Rand, McNally, 1920) p. 50.


„Distrust the man who smiles before he speaks.“

— Alphonse Daudet
Tartarin sur les Alpes (1885; repr. New York: H. Holt, 1917) p. 89; Katharine Prescott Wormeley (trans.) Tartarin of Tarascon. To Which is Added Tartarin on the Alps (Boston: Little, Brown, 1900) p. 241.

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