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Claudio Claudiano

Data di nascita: 370
Data di morte: 404


Claudio Claudiano fu un poeta romano, sostenitore del generale Stilicone.

Frasi Claudio Claudiano


„Quiet authority accomplishes what violence cannot, and that mandate compels more which comes from a commanding calm.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#239 Panegyricus dictus Manlio Theodoro consuli, lines 239-241].

„Virtue hidden hath no value.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#222 Panegyricus de Quarto Consulatu Honorii Augusti, line 222].

„But he whom reason, not anger, animates is a peer of the gods.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#227 Panegyricus dictus Manlio Theodoro consuli, lines 227-228].

„No longer can I complain that the unrighteous man reaches the highest pinnacle of success. He is raised aloft that he may be hurled down in more headlong ruin.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#21 In Rufinum, Bk. I, lines 21-23].

„Nature has given the opportunity of happiness to all, knew they but how to use it.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#215 In Rufinum, Bk. I, lines 215-216].


„Whoso causes terror is himself more fearful.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#290 Panegyricus de Quarto Consulatu Honorii Augusti, line 290].

„Presence will minish awe.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#385 De Bello Gildonico, line 387]. Variant translation: Presence diminishes fame.

„Death renders all equal.“

—  Claudian
[*.html#302 De Raptu Proserpinae Bk. II, line 302]. Variant translation: Death makes all things equal.

„Biting poverty and cruel Cupid are my foes. Hunger I can endure; love I cannot.“

—  Claudian
[*/omnia.html#XV Epigram XV]

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