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Clemens August von Galen

Data di nascita: 16. Marzo 1878
Data di morte: 22. Marzo 1946


Clemens August Joseph Pius Emanuel Antonius von Galen è stato un cardinale e vescovo cattolico tedesco.

Frasi Clemens August von Galen


„And now go and serve your fatherland.“

— Clemens August Graf von Galen
von Galen, to the philosopher Josef Pieper when he went to say farewell to the bishop, having been drafted into the German army in 1943. Pieper remarked; I was somewhat baffled; it was a long time since I had heard such words, but on his lips they were by no means a mere pathetic cliché; he meant them in all seriousness;they were to be taken literally. See Beth A. Griech Polelle, Bishop Von Galen, p. 20.

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