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Heinrich Müller

Data di nascita: 28. Aprile 1900
Data di morte: 29. Aprile 1945


Heinrich Müller è stato un generale e poliziotto tedesco, comandante dell'Amt IV del RSHA e della Gestapo dal 1939 fino alla sua misteriosa scomparsa il 1º maggio 1945.

Frasi Heinrich Müller

„If we had fifty Eichmann's, we would have won the war.“

— Heinrich Müller
About Adolf Eichmann's devotion. Quoted in "And the Crooked Shall be Made Straight" - Page 37 - by Jacob Robinson - Jews - 1965

„We know the Russian methods exactly. I haven't the faintest intention of being taken prisoner by the Russians.“

— Heinrich Müller
April 29, 1945. Quoted in "U.S. Intelligence and the Nazis" - Page 150 - by Richard Breitman, Norman J. W. Goda, Timothy Naftali, Robert Wolfe - History - 2005


„You are a very interesting case, General. Do you know what fat file of evidence we have against you here?“

— Heinrich Müller
To General Walter Dornberger, 1944. Quoted in "Gestapo: Instrument of Tyranny" - by Edward Crankshaw

„Soup is never eaten as hot as it is cooked.“

— Heinrich Müller
Quoted in "The SS, Alibi of a Nation, 1922-1945" - Page 33 - by Gerald Reitlinger - History - 1989

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