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Thomas Middleton

Data di nascita: 28. Aprile 1580
Data di morte: 4. Luglio 1627


Thomas Middleton è stato un drammaturgo britannico, tra i più celebri dell'età elisabettiana e giacobita e famoso autore di city comedies e revenge tragedies. Viene annoverato tra gli University wits.

Frasi Thomas Middleton


„Hold their noses to the grindstone.“

— Thomas Middleton
Blurt, Master-Constable (c.1601), Act iii. Sc. 3. Attributed to Middleton, but possibly written or edited by Thomas Dekker.[]. Compare: "Hold their noses to grinstone", John Heywood, Proverbes. Part i. Chap. v.

„Ground not upon dreams; you know they are ever contrary.“

— Thomas Middleton
Act iv. Sc. 3. Compare: "For drames always go by contraries", Samuel Lover, The Angel’s Whisper.

„My nearest
And dearest enemy.“

— Thomas Middleton
Anything for a Quiet Life (1621), Act v. Sc. 1. Compare: "Would I had met my dearest foe in heaven, Or ever I had seen that day", Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act i. Sc. 2.

„There is no hate lost between us.“

— Thomas Middleton
The Witch (1616), Act iv. Sc. 3. Compare: "There is no love lost between us", Cervantes, Don Quixote, book iv. chap. xxiii.; Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer (1771), Act iv.; David Garrick, Correspondence, 1759; Henry Fielding, The Grub Street Opera, act i. sc. 4.


„From the crown of our head to the sole of our foot.“

— Thomas Middleton
A Mad World, my Masters (1605), Compare: "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, 1 he is all mirth", William Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing, Act iii. Sc. 2.

„That disease
Of which all old men sicken,—avarice.“

— Thomas Middleton
The Roaring Girl (co-written with Thomas Dekker, 1611), Act i. Sc. 1. Compare: "So for a good old gentlemanly vice,/I think I must take up with avarice", Lord Byron, Don Juan, canto i. stanza 216.

„From thousands of our undone widows
One may derive some wit.“

— Thomas Middleton
A Trick to catch the Old One (1605), Act i. Sc. 2. Compare: "Some undone widow sits upon mine arm", Philip Massinger, A New Way to pay Old Debts, act v. sc. 1.

„The world's a stage on which all parts are played.“

— Thomas Middleton
A Game of Chess (1624), Act v. Sc. 1. Compare: "All the world ’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players", Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act ii. Sc. 7.; "The world ’s a theatre, the earth a stage, Which God and Nature do with actors fill", Thomas Heywood, Apology for Actors (1612).

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