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Alain Badiou

Data di nascita: 17. Gennaio 1937


Alain Badiou è un filosofo, commediografo e scrittore francese.

Ha a lungo insegnato all'università di Paris VIII Saint-Denis Vincennes, ed è attualmente professore all'École normale supérieure di Parigi.

Frasi Alain Badiou

„Ethics defines man as a victim.“

— Alain Badiou
Context: The heart of the question concerns the presumption of a univerasl human Subject, capable of reducing ethical issues to matters of human rights and humanitarian actions. We have seen that ethics subordniates the identification fo this subject to the universal recognition of the evil that is done to him. Ethics defines man as a victim. It will be objected: 'No! You are forgetting the active subject, the one that intervenes against barbarism!'So let us be precise: man is the being who is capable of recognzing himself as a victim. Chapter One, Section III: "Man Living animal or immortal singularity?"


„The cinema is a place of intrinsic indiscernibility between art and non-art.“

— Alain Badiou
From Considérations sur l'état actuel du cinéma (1999), translated as Philosophy and Cinema in Infinite Thought: truth and the return of philosophy. London: Continuum, 2003. .


„In my view, only those who have had the courage to work through Lacan's anti-philosophy without faltering deserve to be called 'contemporary philosophers'.“

— Alain Badiou
From Vérité: forçage et innomable, translated as Truth: Forcing and the Unnameable in Theoretical Writings. London: Continuum, 2004. .

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