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Mahmūd Abbās

Data di nascita: 26. Marzo 1935


Maḥmūd ʿAbbās, conosciuto anche con la kunya Abū Māzen , è un politico palestinese.

Frasi Mahmūd Abbās


„From here, our people begin the march towards establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital“

— Mahmoud Abbas
Speech at the Gaza City harbour on the occasion of Jewish settler withdrawal (12 August 2005), quoted in BBC News, "[ Gaza boats mass to mark pullout]"


„The little jihad is over, and now we have the bigger jihad - the bigger battle is achieving security and economic growth.“

— Mahmoud Abbas
Campaign speech in Gaza City (20 August 2005), quoted in New York Times (21 August) Hamas Pushing for Lead Role in a New Gaza by James Bennet

„I simply want tomorrow to be better than today. I want Palestine to be independent and sovereign... Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.“

— Mahmoud Abbas
Address to the UN General Assembly (21 September 2006), quoted in BBC News (22 September 2006) "[ Hamas rejects Abbas unity pledge]

„Today we are visitors to the airport, tomorrow we will come here as travellers.“

— Mahmoud Abbas
Speech at Yaser Arafat International Airport (19 August 2005)

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