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Pierre Bourdieu

Data di nascita: 1. Agosto 1930
Data di morte: 23. Gennaio 2002


Pierre Bourdieu è stato un sociologo e filosofo francese.

Frasi Pierre Bourdieu


„Unless saved by exceptional talent, he necessarily pays a price for clarity.“

— Pierre Bourdieu, Academic Discourse: Linguistic Misunderstanding and Professorial Power


„what I defend above all is the possibility and the necessity of the critical intellectual, who is firstly critical of the intellectual doxa secreted by the doxosophers. there is no genuine democracy without genuine opposing critical powers. the intellectual is one of those, of the first magnitude. that is why I think that the work of demolishing the critical intellectual, living or dead - marx, nietzsche, sartre, foucault, and some others who are grouped together under the label pansee 68- is as dangerous as the demolition of the public interest and that it is part of the same process of restoration.
of course I would prefer it if intellectuals had all, and always, lived up to the immense historical responsibility they bear and if they had always invested in their actions not only their moral authority but also their intellectual competence- like, to cite just one example, pierre vidal-naquet, who has engaged all his mastery of historical method in a critique of the abuses of history. having said that, in the words of karl kraus, 'between two evils, I refuse to choose the lesser.' whole I have little indulgence for 'irresponsible' intellectuals, I have even less respect for the 'intellectuals' of the political-administrative establishment, polymorphous polygraphs who polish their annual essays between two meetings of boards of directors, three publishers' parties and miscellaneous television appearances.“

— Pierre Bourdieu, Acts of Resistance: Against the Tyranny of the Market

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