Frasi Henry Ford

Citát „Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.“

„Money is only a tool in business.“

—  Henry Ford
Context: Money is only a tool in business. It is just a part of the machinery. You might as well borrow 100,000 lathes as $100,000 if the trouble is inside your business. More lathes will not cure it; neither will more money. Only heavier doses of brains and thought and wise courage can cure. A business that misuses what it has will continue to misuse what it can get. p. 157

„The economic fundamental is labour.“

—  Henry Ford
Context: The economic fundamental is labour. Labour is the human element which makes the fruitful seasons of the earth useful to men. It is men 's labour that makes the harvest what it is. That is the economic fundamental: every one of us is working with material which we did not and could not create, but which was presented to us by Nature. p. 9

„You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.“

—  Henry Ford
As quoted in International Encyclopedia of Prose and Poetical Quotations (1951) by William S. Walsh

„My best friend is one who brings out the best in me“

—  Henry Ford
Actually due to Harris Weinstock: "My best friend is the man who can bring out of me my best, and your best friend is the one who tends to bring out the best in you" (May 1914) Attributed to Henry Ford as early as 1948.

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