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Justin Cronin

Data di nascita: 1962


Justin Cronin è uno scrittore statunitense.

Nato e cresciuto nel New England, si è laureato alla Harvard University e alla Iowa Writers' Workshop. Ha insegnato scrittura creativa alla La Salle University di Filadelfia dal 1992 al 2005.

Vive con moglie e figli a Houston, Texas, dove insegna letteratura inglese alla Rice University.

Tra i premi da lui vinti, figurano il PEN/Hemingway Award, lo Stephen Crane Prize, e il Whiting Writer's Award.

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„Physical barricades were nothing compared to the wires of the mind.“

— Justin Cronin
Context: His gaze widened, then taking in the entirety of the camp. All these people: they were trapped. And not merely by the wires that surrounded them. Physical barricades were nothing compared to the wires of the mind. What had truly imprisoned them was one another. Husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and companions: what they believed had given them strength in their lives had actually done the opposite. Guilder recalled the couple who lived across the street from his townhouse, trading off their sleeping daughter on the way to the car. How heavy that burden must have felt in their arms. And when the end swept down upon them all, they would exit the world on a wave of suffering, their agonies magnified a million times over by the loss of her. Would they have to watch her die? Would they perish first, knowing what would become of her in their absence? Which was preferable? But the answer was neither. Love had sealed their doom. Which was what love did. Guilder's father had taught that lesson well enough. Book II: The Familiar, Ch. 18

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